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Anyone know where I can get seeds for this lotus?

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That's awesome!
Those are very hard to grow from seeds as there is a high mortality rate. I have seen a place a couple of years ago selling small plants(a tuber with 2 leaves) for $90-$100. These lillies get huge and need to be in a huge pond or small lake. Here is a site I found that sells these but by the looks of it they are sold out.
Wow, victoria lilies. Was trying to google out a scientific name and had no luck, TY!

.. very thorny tho, not fish friendly
Ive seen them at Longwood Gardens, PA, so someone from their aquatic gardens might help you
There is a Victoria regia and a species named ferox. The first was named for Queen Victoria, as is obvious. The second specie name means ferocious, as the plant is heavily spined.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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