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Anyone know what these things are?

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I have some weird reddish/brownish things stuck to the silicon in my 6.5 gallon tank. They can't be removed and seem unbreakable. I just noticed it today because the seam that they are stuck to are behind a large peice of driftwood and coved by plants. They almost feel like large grains of sand embedded into the silicon.

The tank is co2 injected and the ph is sitting at 5.5

temp is 76

no ammonia or nitrite readings and nitrate fluctuate between 10-20ppm

the livestock include

- 80 cherry shrimp

- 6 galaxy rasboas

- 4 nerite snails

here is a picture of what I'm talking about.

anyone know what this is?

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looks like they could be nerite snail eggs?
+1 for Nerite eggs
Really ? They are impossible to remove manually.

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normally people use a razorblade... but obviously you can't do that on silicone. odd.
did you find them on just the one seam?
No the tank has two seams only.

both seams have them.

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Assuming that they are nerite eggs how in the world can I remove them from the silicone without damaging the seams?

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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