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Anyone know what kind of Pleco this is?

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I got this from a friend and it was believed to be a common pleco. I got it when it was very small and inteneded on letting it grow out in my 55 gal then removing it and taking to a good local fish store who would give me credit. The thing is it looks like no other common plec I have seen, and I am wondering if I happened upon a hidden gem.

Either way i love this plec's coloring.

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It is a Hypostomus punctatus, Common pleco, according to

Unfortunately, most fish stores will not give credits for overgrown fishes, especially common plecos. They will usually just take them in for free.
I actually have a very good realtionship with this local shop 9Albany Aquarium) and they have already stated they would take up to 10" plecos from me as they get requests for large plecos all the time. I do know what your speaking of but this case is slightly different. The reason I am asking is a friend of mine bought a "common pleco" from pet smart about 2 years ago and it turned out to be a Royal plec (Panaque nigrolineatus) which around here are quite expensive, he got it for 1.99 when it was a baby by the way.
That's good, especially if they will pay you for it. As I stated, most stores will not give credit for fish they take in.

Most chain stores will mistakenly label gibiceps, royals, etc. as commons, so it's not uncommon.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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