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Anyone know a place to get Cardinal Tetras?

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Every freaking place in or around Portland has none. I call places and they keep saying check next week. Not to big on getting them from the chain stores but I am open to it.

I got some from Tropic Pets that have been great. I got some from Pet Smart once and none of them lasted long. I have 5 now but would prefer around 9 total.

Pet Quarters got some but they all instantly went to quarantine, and they look bigger than mine.
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I get all my fish/inverts online, i'm not sure if that's something you are interested in doing.
if so, you have quite a few options for cardinals.

Otherwise, yeah, your options are limited. Our selections for aquatic anything are horrible here
Got any reliable places? I just do not know how I feel about the whole buying online thing. I would almost rather drive to NH. But I am starting to get desperate.

i've ordered from all 3 with good results and it looks like they all have cardinals

i have yet to have even one online-shipped critter die on me. i just acclimate them slowly.

let me know how it works out
I will have to give them a try if I cannot get a LFS to order for me. I am going to try a place first and see if they can place an order but if not then I will have to order online. I do not know how LFS get their fish sent, but just the idea of fish in the mail seems wrong to me LOL
i've only ordered overnight during winter ...otherwise priority takes 2 days and they are always okay. i think shipping is usually $11-13 depending on where u get it from
So it appears just about every place has them now. I am told that most places will not even bother trying to obtain them until Spring.
I just ordered some from petpro in Bangor. I bought the last 5 about a week ago and all are doing well. The guy is supposed to get a bunch of small ones in early next week.
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