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I might be the only one, this is one of the very few species legal in CA, in planted tanks(some species of Piranha, the fish, not plants are illegal).

I've got 7 of the little suckers about 1.5-2" long in an ADA soil, Cypress knee set up with some P leopardus plecos.

I'm not quite sure on my plants yet, these guys will hide and are very chicken(wild caught obviously). In open displays they school better and I might eventually move them to a large rock only display with low ground cover.

This is my favorite species fortunately and they are pretty neat for a planted tank, they will attack other fish except the more cryptic species like many catfish etc.

They are not cheap fish however and will produce a lot of waste like anything that eats live fish. At least they do not bite you like the other larger species!

Here's the pleco pic:
I have 6 of these about 2.5"

Tom Barr
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