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I've been looking for a good mix of plants for my loose south american biotope tank. I've narrowed down my selection to a few species that cover fore/midground. I was looking for a slow-medium growth rate background plant and stumbled on Tonina Belem. I haven't found much info on it, just a few old threads on various forums, most were graced by Tom Barr. He mostly had to add that it's not as hard of a plant to keep as most suggest, although he has a lot more experience than most of us.

I was wondering if anyone here keeps this plant and/or how much success they've had with it in various conditions(My parameters seem to suit it well).

If not, maybe someone has some suggestions on a sub 14", slow/med growth, bushy, south american plant?

My plan is to have it in a back corner of my tank, planting in a semi-dutch fasion(diagonal lines of different species). Worst case, if I can find it in stock somewhere, try it and hope for the best.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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