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Anyone have shell dwellers?

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I am thinking of rescaping my 38g into a shell dweller species tank. Anyone ever kept shell dwellers? Is so which ones? Any pics? Any suggestions on species?
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I have kept Neolamprologus multifasciatus ( I think I spelt that right... ) and I they didn't seem to keen on plants the tank the male would attack the java ferns randomly as it was in "his" territory he wasn't out to eat it just to attack it .

They love to dig and make mounts as well as dig out their shells from under the sand or whatever substrate you use. I was using the African Cichlid Mix, the fine stuff. They were always "rearranging" the tank and moving substrate around, usually whenever it was time for a spawning. The females took turns with the male and whichever one was in spawning mode she would move the substrate around.

Here is a pic of the male I had:

And another of the one of the females I had:

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If you really want some big time info go and talk with the guys over at MCA (Midwest Cichlid Association) I know they have huge meetings and a great forum. One of there yearly meetings is September 21-23, 2007 in Des Moines, Iowa. This is 12 states and they have a big auction on the 23rd which I know I will be there. The EXPO 2007 Fish Show is now officially sanctioned by the North American Discus Association (NADA).

I know I will be there. Never know what one can pick up on auction day.

Midwest Cichlid Association
There is

I have a colony of Multifasciatus....

I have them in a tank with mainly shells and almost no substrate because they hate it....just because they move it around does not mean they like it it's because they are trying to get rid of it. For Multis a shell bed is best.

1m/4f wild
tons of babies
Neothauma shell bed

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