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They seem to be doing very well in their surroundings. Great considering the seller just put them into a plastic bag plant bag and wrapped that in foam wrap before sticking them in a priority box and sending. On the upside, he did send floating plants in the bag to help keep down the poisons in shipping.

Needless to say though they came in VERY cold. I knew it was cold when I walked in the door and my wife had the bag in her hands watching TV to try to warm them up slowly- and she is NOT a shrimp person.

Hard as heck to find REAL info on these guys and not just people repeating what they have heard or read from another website.

I have them in a gh of 6, RO remineralized with bee shrimp right now, and temp of 80F. I've read gh of 3, but again with everybody copying from everybody else- I have no idea what is true.

I'm also having a very hard time trying to sex these guys. I have 5 of them which ought to get me at least 1 of a different sex.

So for me EVERYTHING at this moment is experimental.

I *can* say these guys are definitely more animated than my dwarf shrimp. I'm going on cray advice for these larger shrimp though and although I know they won't hurt plants, am assuming they are territorial like cpos.
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