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Anyone have issues using Flourite?

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I don't really have issues with this as a substrate in whole, just that my plants just do not seem to want to grow in it. The plants aren't dieing or anything just very slow to show any development. Can't tell you the last time I actually trimmed any plants in this tank.

Here are some specs: well established 10g tank, high light, DIY CO2, EI dosing with Flourite as the substrate. Photo period is 10 hours. Temp sits around 76-78 for the most part. I keep the nitrAtes around 20.

Right beside this tank is a 20long which is similar to what was mentioned above with the exception of the substrate which is pool filter sand. Plants grow very well in this tank. Stems need trimmed every couple of weeks, crypts throw out new pants, java fern is just a massive beast of a plant.

All my other tanks I use SMS and they far out perform all the others.

Just think it's time to swap out the Flourite. Maybe go with a mineralized top soil or something. Anyone wanna trade? :icon_roll
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You say you have high light - what lights do you use?
Nothing fancy....just a typical 64w T8 fixture running 6500k bulbs. The plants in this tank I grow elsewhere as well so nothing different plant wise in this tank.
Here's a good example what I am referring to. The tank right beside this one (the one with the flourite), I just trimmed it. This is using pool filter sand. Thinned out several crypts, dwarf sags, java ferns, trimmed stems. Pretty much the whole nine yards.

Think I'm going to take one more swing at it before getting rid of it. I hear everyone talking about how good it is and it does bring a nice color to the tank. Just not sure why the plants don't like it.
You having problems linking pics of your tank, James?

IDK what plants you've got in there, but have you tried root tabs?
You having problems linking pics of your tank, James?

IDK what plants you've got in there, but have you tried root tabs?
Nah..haven't taken any pics. I don't use root tabs in any of my tanks. Just EI dosing of dry ferts and DIY CO2.
You didn't mention your lights, which are the engine to a planted tank. What type of lights are you using? Oops I see they are already listed after I posted this.
Methods of Co2 diffusion? Filter type? Ifyou are using a HOB filter or getting to much surface movement it could be off gassing your Co2 and causing problems for your plants.
Trust me though. Onething that isnt a problem is your substrate.
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