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Anyone have Hygrophilia Pinnatida locally?

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Was curious if any of the local folks here in CO have Hygrophilia pinnatida and if so what the chances were of snagging a piece?

No one is really selling it here on the forum, and if so, its a tad pricy, had some quite reasonably priced but in the time i debated whether to put a whole order in given the shipping costs for a single plant, it had all gone....

I know its rare, but if you don't ask you'll never know right?


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I might have a small trimming I can get you. I have to see on Sunday what the stuff I have looks like, it grows well for me. It is a BBA magnet, so my lower stems might have a little bit on them. I will know for sure on water change day which is sunday.
Its not rare anymore I know fish den had 50plus bunches on there last order I grabbed the last one few days ago but I'd see if its on the next order was 4.99 if ya can't get any lmk well work something out
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