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I made a Driftwood bonsai and elected to try Christmas Moss for 'leaves'.
It's the messiest [censored][censored][censored][censored] I've every seen. It's been it there for about 3 months now. I used fishing line to secure it to the wood.
I've got shoots of it ALL over the tank. Floating, lying on the bottom, stuck in other plants... GRRRRR....

Water changes are the worst. I pour the new water in on the opposite end of my 55gal long in an effort to not disturb the tree, HA! I have to net so much of it, it's ridiculous.

I wanted a look of bristles similar to a conifer type tree. I don't hate the idea of marismo balls on the tree but prefer something different.

Any ideas for alternatives??

Thanks for listening to me complain!


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I have 'Christmas', Peacock', pheonix, coral, fissidens of all sorts, flame, java, riccia (not quite right listed as a moss), and weeping moss....
Im, sure there is more that I have had... but the only one that had 'shoots all over the tank' was riccia- christmas moss floating might be a adhesion error? I use fishing line as well- but never had an issue.

Do you have a photo?

Here is one that im pretty specific: overgrown I know- but it is an endler fry tank... took the photo just now.... if your moss is not secured properly- i can see it floating. Unless it is Riccia- that it gets everywhere


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