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Anyone have eheim on rimless tank

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I just purchased a 6 gallon GLA rimless tank. thinking of getting an eheim 2211 canister.

im just worried that the green inlet/outlet tubes/pipes will look ugly going over the top of the rimless tank into my tank. i have a Rena XP3 on my 55gallon tank (not-rimless), and the tubes/pipes are black/gray.. and look fine.

I was considering lily pipes for my new 6g tank, but they are so expensive and collect algae.

Can people post some photos of how their rimless tanks (any size) look with the green eheim tubing/piping going into them?
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eBay pipes are not terribly expensive and a little maintenance is the price of poker, aesthetically, for a rimless style tank.
yeah im trying to find some reasonably priced ones. i'll check there. i'm also looking at AquaticMagic ones. i just can't justify $100+ on a set of pipes from ADA.
I know there's someone on here that makes acrylic pipes, and is willing to sell them. I just can't remember who, but his prices aren't bad. I say post something in the WTB section, and see if they respond to the posting.
Only downside on the eBay pipes is they are fragile, both in shipping and installation/cleaning. The CalAqua and ADA pipes are much more durable in that regard.
I got a set of lily pipes 17 mm both inflow and outflow for only 16 dollars shipped from ebay, also drop checkers are like 6 dollars, bubble counter was 11, dont know if it would be a good idea to buy a cheap diffuser though? I have not experienced any broken pieces or anything, think about it this way even if one does break you can still break them 10 times before it would be the cost of a normal piece.
I wasn't too happy with my eBay diffusers before switching to a reactor. A lot of them had poor glue jobs on the diffuser element and the CO2 would bypass out the sides in big bubbles. For the time and money I spent on replacing broken ones, I could have just bought a higher quality one. I'd chalk that one up to hit or miss.
i'm about to take the plunge and get the Cal Aqua nano 13mm set for my GLA nano tank that i'm putting together
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Here's my 13 gallon Mr Aqua with Eheim pipes. I could move them behind the wood if I was really motivated :)
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Doh, double post
thanks! your doesn't look too bad since there is a decent amount of plants. i'm going for an iwagumi style tank and was afraid the green pipes would take away from the tank.

just purchased an eheim 2213 and a set of Cal Aqua nano lily pipes for my 6g GLA rimless
Nice! I love lily pipes, but I'm too cheap :) well, the Eheim and the Mr Aqua were big enough expenses lol.
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