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Anyone have belem dwarf hairgrass for sale?

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looking for true belem species of dwarf hairgrass
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I'm not sure if CL is still selling his belem hairgrass, but he did have the best price on belem that I've seen anywhere. Check out the S&S forum or go pm him.
how do you know if it's the "belem" type of DHG? i've tried googling it... doesn't tell me anything specific.
Dhg normally grows up, belem starts to bend towards the ground making a more compact look
Dwarf Hair Grass is actually "Eleocharis Belem"

It is also known as Japanese Hair Grass or Dwarf Hair Grass Belem.

I forgot but I think DHG Belem stays less than 3 inches tall and curves down.


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ahh... thanks for clearing that up. does it seem that the hair is thicker too?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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