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Anyone ever heard of "Solarwave" T5s?

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My LFS has a bunch of 2 bulb T5 lights with lunar lights for a price that seems really low to me - $100 for a 48" light. They are marked as "Solarwave" lights. I've never heard of this and internet searches have yielded nothing. I've never seen two bulb fixtures with lunar lights before. Is this a really good price, or do you think there's some catch, like with the oddysea lights? Because I'm interested in buying one for a used 75 gallon I just got, but not as interested in buying one as I am in not setting my house on fire. :icon_conf
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What is the catch with odyssea lights? sure, years ago there was a problem, but now they are just fine. I have ran one for nearly a year with no problem. You loose some with a single reflector for 2 bulbs, but they do the job great.
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