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Anyone else with multiple tanks where one just grows way better than another?

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I have a bunch of tanks running, mainly with the same equipment and water parameters, and similar substrates, but my daughter's low tech 10g dirted tank is just so perfectly balanced. I can't seem to match it in my other tanks. Her tank just cruises along, growing steady, crystal clear water, and only very light water changes about once every two weeks. My 46g bowfront looks nice, but it's way higher maintenance then the 10g. Anyone else have this happen to them? It's a mystery to me why this occurs. :confused:
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Every tank I try with dies, every tank I just leave to die thrives. IDK why.
A buddy of mine has 2 10 gallon tanks with the exact same equipment. One he has to prune at least once a month and the other can't even grow java moss. The only thing we can come up with is that the one tank's silicone has absorbed something and is leaching it back into the water.
I have three 5g minibow betta tanks with the same equipment, gravel and plants, and each houses one betta. But they are all different. One is nearly perfect, one has a slight algae problem and the other one has tons of algae. And the one with the bad algae sits right next to the perfect one, so I can't even blame ambient lighting.
I have a few tanks with the same problem.
My 125 had a little algae problem with very little pruning on daily ferts, co2, and high lighting.
My son has a 10 gallon with almost no water changes no co2 or ferts and its an algae free jungle
Then I have a 15 gallon with no algae, no ferts out co2 and I can barely keep moss alive
It's so weird. It's like the Twilight Zone for fish tanks!
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