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Anyone else had success with Fox Farms Organic Ocean Forrest?

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I dirted my daughters tank with this stuff and am having great results from it. It's been six months and I'm still getting great growth in her lowtech 10g. I use the stock hood with two 13w CFL and its planted with a couple Crypts, some Ludwigia, needle leaf java fern, micro sword, and tall sag. I have no fish casualties, in fact the guppies in there are breeding like crazy, the oto cats are healthy and plump, and my Ramshorn snails and cherry shrimp are all over the place. I normally use miracle grow organic, and have to sift all the pebbles and twigs that's mainly comprised of out. Fox Farms stuff is way cleaner and very fluffy. The only drawback I've had with it is the white perlite stuff that would float to the top after the initial tank set up, but it wasn't really bothersome to deal with.
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Never heard of it, is it a commercially available product or a local to you product.

Have a gniess day. -Scott
No it's available at garden centers that carry it. They're a pretty decent sized company. Amazon carries their product line.
they sell this brand at hydroponic stores around here
I'm pretty much done with Miracle Grow. It's so full of wood chips by the time you sift it all out you're left with about half of what you originally had in the bag. Fox Farms is much more loamy and free of debris.
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