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Anybody Use Those Pink "Plant Grow" Bulbs?

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I'm thinking about mixing one into my setup. I have two 10k T5HO and a 10k HQI. The HQI looks pure white, but the T5s are bluish. They are washing out the reds in the tank. I'm thinking of taking out one of the 10k T5s and adding a pink bulb.

Will the pink bulb help bring out the reds? Do these bulbs work well?
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I would suggest looking for Geissmans. I havent used the bulbs from your link so IDK.
The powerchrome aquapink?
I use the equivalent. I like the redder colors and my plants have a lot of red in them so it makes the color pop a little more.
I don't know, but I use Aqua-Glo bulb which is pink and makes my orange goldfish look a lot more orange lol XD like a deeper orange.
The bulbs really aren't that pink. I have 6700k and Colormax in my fixture right now and the difference in visual color is minimal.
I've noticed that my cabomba furcata is starting to get a lot more red in it since I switched to a coralife fixture with a 6700k and a colormax. It could be something else entirely bringing that out, but before it stayed pretty green.
The powerchrome aquapink?
Yes. That's the giesemann bulb (but I think its called "aquaflora")- IMO they are much brighter than the other T5HO bulbs.
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