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One of the LFS that I frequent has a tank of what appear to be these shrimp. Been contemplating taking a few home (they're a bit pricey, but I should be able to swap for partial credit), but I really want to know more about them - especially their breeding habits - before I commit to it.

Specifically, I'd like to know:

- The link I referenced lists them as a Caridina sp. From the look of them, I'd have guessed them to be a Palaemonid shrimp, like ghost shrimp & Macrobrachium. Anyone know which is correct? These things are also pretty darn huge if they're a Caridina - bigger than any Amano I've seen.

- The page also describes them as a high form breeder. Is this accurate? Can I expect to see baby gold spots if I leave them in a freshwater setup? (This part is very important to me, since I don't want to have expensive shrimp that don't multiply).

- Are they known to crossbreed with anything? (Crystals or Sulawesi shrimp, for instance, if they're really a Caridina?)

-How do they get along with other shrimp?

and finally,
- Does anybody have any actual firsthand experience with keeping and breeding them?
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