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any suggestion on stands~?

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i did some measurements, all fits the requirements. and i did some research that the stand can hold up to 350 pounds evenly.. so i gave it a shot? let me know what do you think? bottom 2 10 gallon tanks~ middle just simply will be storage and 20 gallon on top?
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Uhh that doesn't look sturdy to me at all as in. While those shelves will hold the weight, you'll have a problem with those thin crossbraces just flexing from the weight. You'll need to put plywood or particle board under each tank to evenly distribute the weight.
+1 i would use wood to help spread the weight across the entire shelf and not only rely on the thin vertical beam welds of the cross wires. there shouldnt be a problem using the bottom and top shelf so long as the shelf is low (as it seems to be) and bottom heavy.

If you went with the 72" tall shelves, i would recommend you go with the 18" deep ones versus the 12" deep as the wider footprint would be necessary to prevent tipping.

if you factor the height of the tanks and clearance necessary for the light fixtures, there may not be enough clearance for three tanks as you are proposing. Might be a tight fit.
I'd put the 20g on the bottom so it's not top heavy. My main beef with it is that it's ugly, and will be even uglier with plywood pieces on it. But if you're going for function over form, try it.

This rack would be perfect: but many of the stores near me don't have it :\. Shipping is $55 ugh

You can fit a 20L easily, or 2x 10G :)
i hope it pays off when those shrimps breeding in a good quantity~~! have to run to home depot get some wood~
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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