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Made in China still does not justify their cost. Not that I'm against Made in China, if it's made in US I would think its an OK cost, and that is based purely on labor cost, not quality.
There are many reasons for pricing, true, but there is no true reason why a product that uses less material cost the same as another product that uses more material. The techniques involved are not complicated, the material used is not high-tech and difficult to produce.

ADA products are funny, in the way that are at most better than similar products by a fraction, yet they are priced several times more expensive than their competitors. Maybe the biggest thing about ADA is the ADA tag.
Take that away and they are no different than similar products, they are almost similar to Apple, people just buy Apple for that little logo of a bitten apple not for quality, performance and hardware. It's easy to find a phone/tablet better than Apple in every aspect since Jobs died.
People buy apple for the operating system, not for the logo. I cannot stand windows operating system. You may have your opinions about the companies, but to say people only buy ada and apple for the logo is just incorrect. People pay more for various reasons. More material doesn't always mean more expensive. Lets say you can buy a chevy suburban or a maserati. The suburban sure has more material but is less expensive. And would you want a suburban when you have the funds to drive a maserati?

BTW, Sevenports is a sponsor on this website that just got a bunch of mr aqua tanks in. They have a forum towards the bottom of the list on this forum index page.
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