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Any shrimpers in Middle Tennessee???

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I can't be the only one;) How many folks do we have here that are into freshwater shrimps in the Middle Tennessee area? I'm in Lebanon, about 45 miles east of Nashville and currently have Painted Fire Reds, Supremes, CBS, CRS, Goldens, Tibees, OEBTs and Amanos. Would be great to find folks locally:)
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I love shrimp, but only have Tangerines and Oranges. :( too afraid to add others, and I'm at my tank limit of "two" right now.

Lebanon huh? Seems like most hobbyists are in Clarksville in this state! I haven't had too much luck finding people extremely close to me, even though I'm near Nashville.

Ever thought about joining up with Tank I bet that you and Therese would get along very well!
Yeah no joke! Other shrimpers are generally in Clarksville or Knoxville. I mean SOMEBODY has to be buying those CRS Aquatic Critter sometimes carries, right?

Do you have tangerine tigers?? I may be in the market for some in a few months if you do...would love to buy local instead of having them shipped (and I'm talking 4 or 5 not a ton). I have been over to Tank Outlaws but can't remember if I joined or not. Might need to do that this weekend:)
Hey!! I'm in Murfreesboro right now, I'm getting ready to move to Columbia. I'm very new to shrimp keeping, so I'm not positive of the quality of the shrimp that I have or exactly what color classification they are (cherry, fire, etc) Currently I have 5 adult Red Cherry Shrimp and 7 babies. I'd def be willing to part with most of the babies if you're looking to trade. I want to make sure I don't have any inbreeding going on in my tank.
Hi there! Oh don't worry about getting rid of your babies...inbreeding doesn't affect shrimp like it does a lot of other species. Most shrimp in the hobby are inbred for generations. If you want to improve your lines you add shrimp from a different source:) I know Animal City has some Sakura grade cherries last time I was there and Aquatic Critter has nice Sakuras as well.
lol...i got half from Animal City and the other half from Aquatic Critter...
I stopped by the Franklin Pet store today while I was in Columbia, they did have some Ghost and Algae eating shrimp. But that was it. Any ideas on where else I could get a few more. I need some males. I think either all or almost all of mine are females. I got one that already had eggs, hence the babies.

I just recently moved them into a 20 gallon tank with the goldfish they've always been with. And everyone seem so much happier.
I am new to shrimp keeping, but have some orange neos in a 9 gallon nano. Started with 12 I got from Aquabid. Noticed my oldest female had dropped her second set of babies today.

I'm in the Priest Lake area.
New to shrimp keeping as well, live in Columbia. Got 3 cherrys and 4 Amanos in my 30gal, hope to get some red crystal shrimp for my new nano!
there is no one in the state!!!
haha i've met one fellow member but that's it

crazy, we need to set a meetup!

oh and i have shrimp but im in the south of TN. 2 min away frm the georgia border
I am new to shrimp keeping, but have some orange neos in a 9 gallon nano. Started with 12 I got from Aquabid. Noticed my oldest female had dropped her second set of babies today.

I'm in the Priest Lake area.

You're about 20 minutes from me! Not bad:)
HD, I'm game! Let me know the next time you think you're headed up to Nashville.
Sounds like it just needs to be made. Instead of waiting on me! It could be next year if we wait on me. And a 1.5 hour drive wont hurt me at all
OK, we need to start figuring out how to network then. Not that I mind meeting up with just a couple of fellow shrimpers but man, it would be nice to get a decent group together to actually be able to hold some shrimp related swap meets a couple of times a year.

I am planning on going to Aquatic Critter in the next few weeks...I wonder if they have any sort of bulletin board type thing there? There has to be a way to network to folks they may not be on this forum or on the internet a lot in general.
I believe that if you speak with the owner, they will let you post fliers and what not. The best thing to do is to see if they would be interested in helping you network. It is in their best interest as well, since they don't have a huge variety of shrimp, they could probably increase their stock using a hobbyist who is willing to sell to them.

Just my thinking!
I may see what I can do. Our kiddo is out for fall break in a few weeks and I want to make a family trip down there (*******'s version of the Chattanooga Aquarium...HAHAHA). So I'll see if I can speak with someone. If I can find out what I can do and how to network I can always run down there to post flyers.
im10 min from the tennessee aquarium.
good people every one of them, so i highly doubt they would mind us putting up some local fliers for a meeting.
Hey all! Hendersonville/Madison, TN (Rivergate area) shrimper here! I'm pretty new at the shrimp hobby (6+ months) but love them! I have been trying my hand with a 10g PFR tank and have some RCS in my 20g long with rasbora. I have been cycling an Ebi Shrimp tank and trying to learn as much as I can before I order my first attempt at CRS in that tank!

Talk to Ken at Aquatic Critter. All those guys are super nice and very helpful! They'd be willing to help spread the word. I go in there fairly often when I'm down there for work. You could also try to talk to Emerald Bay but I'm not sure if they are doing much anymore. I know they have some pond stuff and I heard that although they do not carry livestock they will order per customer request for pick up. I don't know if that's still the case any longer though. I have attended one of their meetups back when I was in the saltwater hobby and it was a good turn out with a lot of nice people!

Anyway, I wanted to chime in and let you know that there is another shrimp lover in Central Tn.! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!
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TN guy here too, also from clarksville. I keep a 15g of red rilis.
La Vergne, here.

Our water is so hard (GH and KH around 10) that I'm having a tough time keeping RCS. 0 Ammonia, Nitrate and Nitrite and 7.8 PH. Hate to mess with water since parameters have been stable for several months.

Two 5-gallon heavily planted tanks and Bettas Si and Willie and one RCS survivor in each tank. They don't bother the shrimp; more the other way around. :)

Glad to find this forum and glad there are more shrimpers in Middle Tennessee; count me in for a meet. I'm retired so I can do whatever's needed.
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