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Any reviews on JEBO / Odyssea Lights?

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I see these for sale a lot on ebay and other places. I looked them up and they seem to be from a chinese company by the name of JEBO, but in the U.S. they market them under the Odyssea name. I figure that lights are lights, and if the right bulb fits and it has the right wattage, it should be fine. They seem to be cheap, but not that cheap.
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If they are anything like Jebo canister filters be careful, the canisters typically last 1 year before breaking down.

The quality of the Balast in cheaper lights sets are the problems usually generating a lot of heat and unable to get rid of it properly, thus wearing down the electronics and the bulbs faster. and with the light tubes pushed so close together and poor reflectors they aren't useful.

Though they contain fans, the fans are usually very noisy and not effective.

Make sure they have a good return policy before you buy, that way you can test yourself and see if suitable.
I just posted about these lights. Do a search for "Odyssea" and you should find a few threads.
after reading that it can catch fire..omg thats one serious problem. I just bought a Coralife 36" Lunar Aqualight now . Im gonna sale my Odyssea on ebay and try to get some money back. I cant afford to burn my house down w/ my mum in it..ex gf i wouldnt mind but not my mum .And insurance wont probably cover it cuz most jebos lights are not ul listed. dam Im just pissed off now. Anyway , thx for the heads up:fish1:
I haven't read reports of any of their newer models catching on fire. Read carefully. You can open up your fixture just to see how the wiring is and to see if anything is sub-par.

I run a 24" AquaTraders MH setup with Coralvue ballasts and everything seems fine so far. Many reefers have been running the MH/PC setups for a while also without any adverse problems. The build quality on the newer model fixtures are pretty good. I'd say they rival that of Coralife. Just the build, mind you. Not the quality of the individual components...
feck..too late bro...I paid for it. U want a an Odyssea for 50 bucks? Im ok with it tho...anyway my firend is looking for a pc so im gonna sale mine to him for the same price...100 bucks
are the newer models UL listed tho?
...k, eff that.

Coralife is still fine, right. Setting fire to the house, jeez.
Coralife aqualamps are great. I have a 130w over my 20gal. (tho the bulbs in them apparently don't last long. mine burnt out today after only like 6 mo. But they are PL lams so they are cheap to replace.)

As for odysea/jebo lamps. It REALY depends on the specific one. My personal rule is to stick to low wattage ones. like 55w and less. if you grab one of the MH or high wattage PC fixtures you are asking for trouble.
I have heard the build quality has gotten better on the ody/jebo's but I'm still leary.

I also have a CFS4 cannister filter from Odyssea. Have had it for well over a year and it still works flawlessly.
the biggest problem they have is on the MH units they dont use a good ballast, the fans are undersized, and the wiring isnt heat sheilded so they like to catch fire.

one of my friends has some HO t5 fixtures from them and he has had no problems whatso ever with them and has run em for about a year now
I bought the new 2007 model 192watt pc Odyssea. It reeked of smoke, I took it apart and the wires from the end caps were severed over the edge of the reflector, the ballasts were dented, scratched and not screwed down, and the wiring was stuffed against the reflector with zero clearance. I rewired it but it still filled the house with a smoky smell, a few times we swore we saw smoke over the tank. The light saw maybe 24 hours of operation, collectively, yet one end cap has cracked. It was immediately replaced with the Coralife equivalent. We entertained the idea of selling it in the forums, but quickly concluded there is no way we could put this in the hands of anyone else and still sleep at night. It now sits in my closet for scrap, honestly the only things worth scrapping are the fans, the cf bulbs and blue LEDs, and maybe the flimsy housing and reflector, the rest is too dangerous or simply garbage.
I agree, I also have 1 and i wont sell it to anothe person...i saved the fan its actulayy pretty quiet
These lights suck. I have one for my shrimp tank. It gets hot really quick.
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