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Hi all!

So I moved my toad into her own 55g paludarium and as such, had no need for the prairie part of my 65g paludarium. I cut it out the other day and I'm going to buy a plant package from a ptp member that includes:

Cryptocoryne 'Mi Oya'
Hygrophila difformis (Wisteria)
Ludwigia palustris
Bacopa caroliniana
Proserpinaca palustris
Rotala mexicana 'Bangladesh'
Rotala rotundifolia
Rotala rotundifolia 'Colorata'
Rotala rotundifolia 'Singapore'
Rotala sp. 'Yao Yai'
Sagitaria subulata (the larger dwarf Sag.)

Here is the paludarium in question, as it stands.

The bridge to the rock waterfall is going to be removed and the waterfall itself is going to be lowered and moved over, but otherwise that's it. I want to balance the composition of the tank out by either having a large piece of drift wood heavy on the right then tapering off to the left or have a nice rock scape with the same compositional weight. Either way the right part of the tank I want heavily planted and then slowly tapering off to nothing under the wetland platform (nothing has successfully grown under there, going to try Anubias now, java fern just withered and died). Any advice on hardscape or plants is very welcome and remember it's a paludarium, so marginals and emergent plants are more than welcome! If you have any other suggestions I'm more than open!


65g tall
25g water (about 11" water depth)
Ph 7.3
Nitrate ~10ppm (and constantly dropping)
GH ~110
KH ~120

Liquid and dry ferts once a week for macros and trace.
I stopped dosing excel, but I think I might start again if the new plants like/need it.

Lighting is one 48" Finnex planned+ 24/7 on 24/7 all the time and two 18" T8's, one floramax (on the right), one reptisun 10.0 (uvb for my frog on the left) on for 9.5 hours a day.
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