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Any one have cool shrimp in NJ

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Been getting into shrimp lately but having a hard time finding them at a lfs especially good quality at a decent price. I picked up some blue velvet and orange shrimp at $5 each and they all died the first week. I also keep rcs that do great for me so its not an issue of water or any care that i have. SO i was wondering what are you keeping and do you have any for sale?
Thanks guys...would also love to see pictures.
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I keep rcs as well. If you are looking for different types of shrimp in NJ, check out Fishtown USA in Ramsey (Route 17). I was there this past weekend, and he had a LOT of different types of shrimp, some I had never seen or heard. Prices are a smidge high (4 or 5 bucks each), and he will give you a small deal when purchasing a few (forgot the deal). Definitely worth checking out.
hmm... i'll have to check it out there. its north past paramus right?
It is north of Paramus, maybe 15 minutes. Actually about 10 minutes from Ridgewood, where you were this past weekend.
Pet Shanty keeps a small variety of shrimp in one of the back rooms. They are kinda expensive. 9.50 for a single rili but if your looking for just a few interesting ones I know they keep the long nose shrimp as well. They don't always keep the shrimp tanks stocked though so its a hit or miss
Fishtown has the best selection in Northern NJ, Absolute fish usually has a few but they are $$$, Ely's in Florham Park have them too but they are $$$$ and did not look very high quality to me.

I've been trying to find Tiger Shrimp for months now, may have to try ordering them online.

EDIT: I have some Neocardinia Yellows that I would sell.
For folks near the shore I have to recommend Sharkeys in point pleasant. He has CRS abd other shrimp for reasonable prices. The stock of fish be has packed into that shop is pretty impressive too. His prices on all stock and equipment are as good as I have seen in any brick and mortar store.
If you are close then this place is well worth dropping by.
Absolutely Fish
Fish Hut
Ely's (hit or miss depending if he has them in stock)
After all those are done (if you live in North NJ)

I would hit up Aquabid or buy them online. I bought 35 Amano's for 25 $ + shipping. roughly cost me about $1.25 per shrimp.

There is one guy on the forums that sells Yellow Shrimp. good quality, but my rams/bumble bee gobys/loaches devoured them like a pack of wolves. they were small fry. I am going to start up a shrimp tank, I think.
i am soooo glad i found this i have been trying to find fish stores and google is no help...
any of these have NICE bettas?
I would recomend looking for hobbyist there is a bunch in nj that sell real nice bettas.
well honestly get them from the sns. most reasonable price youu'll see imo. I notice a lot f people are not keen to buying shrimp online. There are reputable sellers on this forum. i've bought sgrimp twice online and havent had a sinlge death. one package was even at the post office for a day because i missed the post man.
honestly i trust hobbyist shrimp far more than store shrimp anyway.
I keep RCS and Blue Velvets. I'm trying to make a colony with what I have. I tried my hand at CRS but I've failed twice... T.T I think I got a bad batch of ADA Amazonia... First time I used FSS, they lasted for 2 months. ADA amazonia... lasted 2 weeks. right now im using FSS for my Neos and they are doing fine.
If you order from someone close to you, it will be cheaper with shipping than actually getting it from a store. The stores usually have the "culls" that people sell them. For example, whenever I cull my shrimp I bring them to the local pet stores in my area. I get more for my grade A CRS/CBS than I get for my grade SS that I sell online. I refuse to sell my higher grades to a pet store since they do not use RO water which means they will be dead in no time. You can find sellers that charge 10 bucks for shipping on here so it's really not that high of a cost.

In my opinion you should start with a decent grade of shrimp anyway. It almost makes no sense to keep the lowest grades of anything since the parameters and care is usually the same as mid grades.
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