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Any off the shelf rimless 20l/29 gallons?

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My girlfriend wants me to set up a tank at her new place. I have everything for this size tank from the lighting to the stand. I am using a cast iron stand so it is going to have a minimal look. I plan to make a light bar to hang my light fixture as well. My fixture is 65 watt PC so the light will probably be pretty high sense I want to do low light.

I was wondering if there is anything I can buy that is that dimension (30inx12in) with no top rim especially, would be nice if it was totally rimless. The stand has room for it to be about .5in smaller in both directions. I could put a board on top too and go even smaller, not sure how thick I need though. I bought a Hagan 10 gallon with no top rim so I was just wondering if there was something out there.

I know people have successfully derimmed a 20L/29 before. I am sure it is safe, my Marine Land tank has about .5 in extra silicone on some sides so that is an option, my Aqueon tank is much better, though I think they are both just AGA, re branded. The problem is that it is somewhere I do not live and my girlfriend does not own so I am not comfortable taking chances.
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I was going to suggest mr. aqua but it doesn't look like there is any in that dimension.
Yup, first place I looked. I thought there might be a possibility as they knock off popular sized tanks, looks like there isn't anything even close.
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