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Any long term T5 LED users here?

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I was surprised at the amount of light and colour temperature of a cheapo T5 LED tubeset at a bargain store so I bought one to try. Cost me about USD3.50. 18 watts, 4' long. Perfect for my 50G.

I then went to get a reflector and thought why not get another since they're so cheap. Second one is the same wattage but slight longer by ¾". Cost about USD5.20.

4' thin aluminium reflector was about USD6.30.

A bit for the plug, double-sided tape and some electrical wiring set me back about USD17 - 18.

Below's the result. Please ignore the messy tank. It's more like a storeroom for extra plants now size I'm concentrating more on the smaller tanks and an upcoming 2' cube tank project

What I'm wondering is whether any one has had good results, even with demanding plants, (again please ignore the plants I have now, they're mainly undemanding) over a period of a few years.
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I'm starting to love cheap LED T5s. On my 48" tank, there's easily enough space for another dual reflector where I can squeeze in another three T5s!

ps. In my initial post, the entire setup was in the front portion of the tank which lit up the foreground nicely. In the comparison photo, the reflector was somewhere in the middle of the tank.
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