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Ok so it's a fairly new tank, cycled it for 6 weeks it's now at 9 weeks. At 6 weeks we got 4 cories, a snail and 6 orange sunkist shrimp. Everything seemed fine until exactly a week after getting them 1 shrimp died, then almost another week later (yesterday) another shrimp died.

We are testing the water every day or two and it's good, no ammonia, no nitrites, natrates are 10-20 (but this is the same colour the water is straight from the tap). Temp is 23-24c. We use a water conditioner and let the water stand over night before each water change and change about 20% about twice a week. There are a fair amount of plants in the tank and it is a 70l tank.

The fish seem fine, more active than when we got them, they become more active around feeding times, they seem like happy fish. The snail also seems fine, it's a nerite and is cleaning the tank quickly.

The shrimp on the other hand seem less active than when we got them, when they were first put in they were pretty much eating constantly, now they tend to just sit there and often groom themselves, but not eat even half as much as they were. I have put in a piece of cucumber before and they ignored it, yesterday I put in a piece of carrot wondering if they were not getting enough to eat as the tank wasn't mature, but whilst I did see one sitting on it they have seemed to pretty much ignore it. They did eat some of the fish food when we first got them but now I haven't seen that in a long while either. No new plants have been added since we put them in, I can't think of a reason why anything would have changed.

Could they just be starving? If so why are they not trying to feed more? We can put more food in for them and keep an eye for too much being left over, right now the tank is pretty clean but there is a good amount of algae still and the occasional flake or pellet which they could find if they looked. They just don't seem terribly interested in food right now :/

Any ideas?
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