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Any idea on how to make a scape based on these?

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I don't have a tank to use atm, but I deeply love the Cascade mountains in my state (Washington). Maybe at some point I'll try doing a scape based on them, so I'm just gathering ideas for now. It might be an interesting challenge to try and make a scape the resembles the massive landscape. Also, know of any purple foreground plants? :biggrin:

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I don't see purple pines, but my ludwigia glandulosa comes close to having that pine tree shape but with a dark purple color.

This will work depending on how big you're planning your tank size to be

Those all scream Iwagumi rocks + moss, dwarf hair grass, HC, or UG.
Those all scream Iwagumi rocks + moss, dwarf hair grass, HC, or UG.

That's exactly what I thought also.
I don't know about the hairgrass, staurogyne repens maybe? The trees are actually very blue , and it's just the meadow flowers that are purple (challenge level +1) I might just be being picky about my plants, but they really are spectacular. The lower areas of the mountains that have hardwood forests will be absolutely gorgeous in the fall, can't wait to see them!
Depending on the scale, fissidens might make a good moss to use for the trees. I don't know if any tiny purple plant that could be used for the foreground. You might have to dye some fish flakes and sprinkle them on some HC. :)
Dwarf Clover is one of the darkest green ground covers, but I also cannot think of a red-purple plant that is low enough to do that. If the tank is large enough then some red or purple plants can be trimmed low. Perhaps 4"? But that would take a large tank to need a 4" high ground cover.

Why not plan that the purple is more of a mid-ground plant.
You could try a bit of forced perspective and use Staurogyne purple at the front of the tank. Rotala 'Goias' is a low growing plant with reddish tips that is smaller textured than the Stauro.

If you went autumnal then the rear of the tank could be a rocky peak or two covered with dark stuff, maybe Fissidens and the mid ground could be slopes of a couple different red/orange small textured plants. Seems to me one common trait to your photos is the very satisfying slope of the mountains.

Look at the current top 200 IAPLC, there are some forced perspective tanks that might spark some ideas.
Good ideas, thanks. Some of those tanks are so gorgeous! Since I've got a college student budget, and not a huge amount of experience, any tanks I get would be nano-sized. I'm thinking HC and fissidens or flame moss. I've decided to not be picky about the flowers, even if they are pretty...Although maybe purple sand sprinkled on top? hahaha

Now to find me some pretty rocks and another tank or two:)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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