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Any good LFS around Portland, ME?

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as the title states, any good shops in the area?
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Aquatic Concepts in Westbrook is not longer open. It was been gone for more than a year I believe. I also am fairly certain that they moved to Rochester, NH. When I was a kid (about 15 years ago), AQ in Westbrook was a GREAT store, but it kept having fits and starts over the years, getting bigger then smaller, and then smaller again. It was pretty bad in the last few years, 07-09. I think moving to Rochester was probably a good idea, hopefully kept the business alive. SO, my point being, dont drive all the ay to Westbrook, since the store is no longer there.

Petco and PetQuarters (Maine owned), are really the only places in the Portland area to get FW now... PetQuarters staff if very good, but they recently shut down 1/2 their tanks. Still the biggest selection around, but it is VERY common stuff, nothing really special ever shows up in terms of livestock.
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