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Any good LFS around Portland, ME?

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as the title states, any good shops in the area?
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Petco huh? Well the one located in Topsham Maine has a decent fish selection, a weak plant section, and 75% of their staff that works the fish area don't know didly squat. The only person that was knowledgable was the blonde girl, i think her name was sarah, shes very helpful. Ive noticed some of their tanks become quaranteened more often than other stores in the area. Thats what keeps me away from petco's live stock.=[
Doesn't mean I wont buy some from there though.

In Brunswick Maine there is a small pet shop on the back side of Hannaford on Main Street, called Brooks Feed and Farm. The people there are all great. Their tanks are all ways clean and stocked, fish are healthy as can be. On the down side they only have two 20 gallon tanks with plants in them. BUT.....If they do'nt have the species of fish or plant you want, They will do their best to find them from one of their suppliers.
If you go there, here is a hint....On fri-sun they sell all of their fish half off except for their feeder fish and fry.

I would really like to go check out "Aquatic Concepts" in Westbrook. Maine needs more quality Fish and aquatic plant stores. I don't know how you all feel but i really care for ordering plants and fish online.

Please Let us know if you know of any other good Local fish stores!
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