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Any funny stories about non-aquarium friends/family's take on fish / planted tanks?

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Ever since I got an aquarium, some of the funnier things I remember:

Brother, after explaining what fish stress is:
- "Why don't you stress the fish so they swim faster?"
- "Can't you put like a giant predator fish in the tank so the other fish are stressed?"
- "Can I stress your fish?"
- "Why don't you keep minnows so when we go fishing we don't have to go to the tackle shop for bait?"

Oh yeah, older brother BTW.

- Pointing to the panda cories: "What fish is that? Why are they so retarded? Why are they swimming all over the place? Are they retarded?"

- "OMG Are those plants real? CAN I TOUCH THEM?"
:icon_eek: So I opened the hood and let them touch it.
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"Your tank looks nice, but it's overstocked." Turns out her brother works in a fish store.
"Why so many plastic plants?"
"How do you keep your plastic plants so clean?"
"Know what you should do? Get some piranha in there!"
"You could make this a nice shark tank"

Best comment ever from a non-aquarium person seeing the pearling:
"Is that Oxygen? That is so cool, look you can see the photosynthesis happening"
"Can I pet your fish?"
I am amazed at the "Is that saltwater?" question I keep getting from different family members. Most of them think that colorfull fish means saltwater. I even had a neighbor see my cardinals and say "I didn't know neons could live in freshwater".
"Can you eat those shrimp?"
I don't have shrimp yet, but I've mentioned to my boyfriend that I'm going to get some....and his response was "Can you eat them?"....uhh no :tongue: .

My brother is always telling me to put a Bass in my 55g tank. :help: No way...

People ask "are those plants real?"..."don't they need air?"..."whats in that cylinder thing (co2 tank)?".....

Parents ask "why do you need so many fish tanks?"...."can't you just combine them all in that big tank?"

They just don't understand.....:D
"These fish don't do anything...let's go get some piranhas!"
My parents and relative call me a crazy American boy, But im chinese.
They also say are those plants real?
Wow they look pretty
Friend: So, how much have you spent on that tank?
Me: <insert 4-digit number>
Friend: OMG!?!'s actually not funny, now that I think of it..... :icon_frow
"Can I pet your fish?" got me, I touched the screen thinking there was a baby roach on it..heheh:icon_lol:
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" I thought you would have big fish"

"Why don't you have big fish"

"Where are your fish"

Usually people have absolutely no interest in the tanks which is fine with me.
Hehe :p :p
Im amazed at the "Is it saltwater" too. get it alot
my girlsfreinds friend.. once said "Wow, you have too many plants in there, thats bad for the fish!" Coming from the person who feeds her five goldfish 10x daily (in a 10gallon)

Ive had my fair share of comments alot of them are just stupid.
"Can you eat those shimp?"
I get that a lot! I also get "Do they get any bigger?!?"

Also, about my huge blue gourami, "that fish looks like good eatin'!"
after i showed a guy my 9 tanks, he said "have you ever tryed freshwater tanks"... all my tank are FW lol...

and the how long does it take for the shrimp to get big enuf to 1x a week
I get the usual " Can you eat those?" questions about shrimp. Also, " Don't they eat fish poop?"

" Are those plants real?"

" Doesn't that hurt the fish?" ( intense lighting)
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