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Any fish stores in southern maine?

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I know that there is pet quarter and petco. But is there any stores specifically dedicated to fish in southern maine?
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Fish Only stores in Southern Maine

Yes there is finally a fish only place in southern Maine actually in Gorham, ME called Easy Aquariums located just over the Westbrook / Gorham line in the Gorham Industrial Park, 207-272-5212. The owner is Jason Olmstead and he recently hooked me up with a used 125 gallon tank I am making into a large planted freshwater tank. I also purchased EcoCompleter planted substrate there as well as a huge branch for my large tank. He right now has mostly marine tanks and supplies but he is working on building up the business to include freshwater too. He is willing to help with anything he can and is a great listener - you have to stop by and see him. Good luck, John R. :fish:
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