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i know this is an old thread but i must say the guy who owns blackshark in lewiston is a dick. i have been going to him for years and he is always loud and rude and talks trash about other places. he is so full of himself. and even tho this tanks and fish are in great condition his advice of fish that will be ok together are bad, and he overstocks big time. most fish breeds he doesnt even get right, even tho he has the biggest selection ive seen i dont even waste my time going there. his personality isnt worth any fish to me. plus petlife will order fish for you if they dont have them so the options can be bigger.
All of the above is true. He does have a big selection of fish though, and they tend to be healthy with clean tanks. He is also a bit of a blowhard. I haven't been up in a year and a half, and the last time he swore he was going to close and sell the building by the next summer if business didn't pick call ahead and make sure Black Shark still exists if you're planning on visiting.
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