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Any fans of "Ghost Hunters" here?

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So, did you see it last night?! I just watched it (I *heart* my DVR). It was GREAT! They caught some excellent footage akin to the good stuff the caught a few years ago at that penitentiary.
**SPOILER ALERT** If you haven't seen the latest episodes and don't want to know what they caught, you might not want to read any further.

It was AMAZING! Do y'all think it looked like a female patient in a long gown? And you could see through her!! Wild. Just too freakin' wild.
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I Usually watch these on DTV. But ones i find Most interesting Are

A Haunting- Stories of Ghost and scary stuff
I love A Haunting, too, FB! Great ghost stories on that one, even though they do use a bit of "artistic license" in the filming. And all the others ~ I watch them all, even though I don't believe all of them are really true. Sometimes I just want to slap that blond chick that keeps screaming at everything on Most Haunted, Yvette Fielding, but I love the places they go to, all those castles and manor houses and their history. And the guy on Dead Famous ~ the "sensitive" ~ sometimes I think he just gets a bit melodramatic. Maybe psychic channeling really looks like that, but I dunno ... I'm a bit skeptical of him. He was on a Ghost Hunters episode last night and was actually normal acting and I enjoyed watching him. Wish he'd be more like that more often.

But Ghost Hunters is more realistic and I like that.

So, did you catch either new episode last night? They were BOTH EXCELLENT!
Ghosts freak me out. The word alone freaks me out. I couldn't ever watch that show!

Heeheehee! I'm weird, Iffishes ~ I like watching those shows right before I go to bed. ;)
Fishes, I'm with you. I'd probably have a heart attack right on the spot :icon_eek: !
OOOooh! I love Ghost Hunters! I watched every episode I could on YouTube one day. Now I have to go check for new stuff...
I really like the show, record them all (and have all the commercial DVDs), and send copies (from TV) to a ghost-hunting friend in England. I finally checked to see if the program is available on Comcast's "On Demand" (here in Albuquerque) and it is, so yesterday I rerecorded this week's show, getting a nice sharp picture, zero commercials, and the entire end credits!

GH is going to have another multi-hour, live Halloween show (in that huge sanatorium(?) everyone goes to, blah...). Most Haunted (on The Travel Channel) will be having several live shows as well. I like MH much better now that Derrik Accorah has gone away and GH (perhaps) has forced them to take things more seriously.

You all might find the site a lot of fun, too.
My wife and I watch Ghost Hunters every week. It's the most realistic IMHO. The other one with the British folks seems a bit overdone (no offense). The show "A Haunting" is recreated, so it's not actually authentic. It's just stories from people who supposedly experienced stuff. It wasn't that interesting after I watched a few of them. My wife has experienced paranormal things before, but I haven't that I know of. I sometimes go to that website: It's a website for the South Jersey (I think) paranormal research club/group. It's one of the best paranormal sites on the net in my opinion. I've been going to it off and on for almost 10 yrs. It has pictures, audio and video, as well as user submitted stories and the like. Of course, with everything, you have to watch with a skeptical eye.

That episode of Ghost Hunters this week was great! That shadow that moved at the end of the hall and then went back behind the door was great. You could even see through it. It was up there with the penitentary a while back, where there was the glob of black/shadow that was actually moving down the corridor. The only person on that show who annoys me is Brian. That guy is a tool.
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I have read every ghost story on and check often for updates. I love ghost hunters too. Anybody got any personal unexplained experiences????
My wife watches all the episodes. I hate watching it. I hate how people believe there are bad spirits, I would never think that a spirit would be out to hurt anyone. My wife gets hooked on this show and then she creeps herself out which meens I have to take the dogs out when it starts getting dark.

I did see that one ghost show where at the end they showed a brick go flying in the air and the two investigators when running and yelling. I think one even got super freaked and couldnt even speak when his buddy was calling for him. If that was real then I dont know what else to say.
I love that show ! I havent seen any new episodes though i need to find its schedule. I also like A Haunting but its a bit dramatic at times lol.
no experiences here, daFrimpster. At least not yet or that I know of.
I know my mother has had at least a couple. My dad even had one after my best friend's dad died (2001 or so), who he was friends with also. They were car buddies and one night my dad was in the garage under his car and thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye. My friend's dad, Bill, used to wear those caps with the small bill -- kind of hat you might see an older guy wearing...anyway, he thought nothing of it, but later that night he saw it again - a figure of a person with a hat on like the one Bill used to wear, lying down on the garage floor nearby. He got kind of freaked and left the garage for the night. I guess Bill was just paying him a visit and hoping he'd get his restoration project finished. Anyway, I wasn't there, but that's what he told me.

My wife also claims to have experiences quite a bit of "unexplained" things, as well as seeing things like orbs and the like.
I have had unexplained things as well. I even saw a person in our old house. I am still not convinced it was a ghost though. Our mind is so powerful. It could have been my mind showing me a person. I find it all very interesting. I am not convinced that ghosts roam our earth but I can't prove they don't either
You DOnt know what happens in the middle of the night at your house, For all you know There could be little Kids playing Jump rope All Pale and bloody, in your living room or playing tag,

I only see scary and strange stuff when im Paranoid. The mind Is a very scary thing
Oh great frozen barb!!!
I have to read your post right before I go to bed...:eek5: :icon_frow :hihi:
My wife will wonder why I am hiding under the covers
Cover your feet,You may never know A ghost could be Observing you from the side of your bed,

Turn on the lights Before entering the bathroom, Last thing you want is seeing a face in the mirrow
When I was a kid I could stand at the light switch in my bedroom, flick off the light switch and leap from the doorway to the bed without my feet touching the ground. That way the monsters under my bed couldn't grab my ankles as I stood next to the bed. My bed is about 15ft. from the light switch now so I can't use that technique any more.
Anybody catch the live Halloween Ghost Hunters show? I enjoyed it until the two girls started grilling the "Hunt for the Hunter" contestant. Actually, I enjoyed it until those two were on the screen at all. I mean, quit complaining about how your feet hurt, you're "missing Halloween" and aren't seeing any activity ~ I'm sure there are thousands of people who would LOVE to have taken your place.

I wasn't impressed with them having a "celebrity guest", that wrestler dude (lame SciFi tie-in), but atleast he was a bit knowledgeable and interested in what was going on. And when he freaked and took off I laughed my butt off! That was worth watching all the other boring parts for! :icon_lol:

The other one with the British folks seems a bit overdone (no offense). The show "A Haunting" is recreated, so it's not actually authentic.
None taken ~ I agree with you. Seems that every single place they go is "definitely haunted" despite any real evidence.:icon_roll But it's still entertaining to watch imho.

A Haunting is definitely not authentic ~ entertaining yes, true nope. I've even seen a couple stories on there that I'd read and heard about elsewhere extensively, and they added elements to the story that were very dramatic but that I'd never heard of ~ seemed obviously added for effect and only effect. For instance, the one about Bobby Mack's nightclub ~ I've seen umpteen shows about that one, but when it was on A Haunting was the first time I've ever heard that the handyman was "possessed by the spirits there" and attacked anyone or whatever he was supposed to have done. Yeah, right. I watched the first minute or two of that one and deleted it.

Anybody got any personal unexplained experiences????
A few. I'm not counting them as definitely caused by ghosts since, despite me actively trying to debunk them all, what I saw could possibly have been caused by something natural I simply haven't uncovered yet. But they sure were creepy.

For instance, when my mother was dying of cancer (at home ~ thank GOD for Hospice), I slept in the same room with her and would often fall asleep with the bedside reading lamp on. Not long before she died, I would almost get to sleep and would get an intense feeling of someone sticking their face in mine and staring at me, then a shadow would pass over my face scaring me and making me open my eyes and sit up. This happened repeatedly one night. The shadow was definitely too big to be a moth (even though we have some big ones here in Texas ;) ~ this shadow was big and long like an adult hand and arm) and nothing was near the lamp that could have caused it ~ nearest curtains were five+ feet away, no other "flappy things" near. Seems iffy, but the feeling could have been from stress I imagine. Even though it sure didn't seem like a dream or somesuch since I wasn't ever fully asleep (it would happen only a minute or two after I closed my eyes), I'm not willing to throw that possibility out. Neither am I willing to throw out the possibility that it was someone coming to take Mom over.

Another time I kept hearing footsteps coming up the front porch steps of a house I lived in for a short while. Atleast half a dozen times it happened over the course of the month or two I lived there. The footsteps were heavy, loud, and clear as day and I was wide awake each time. They always seemed to happen at the same time at night, too. The house had a violent history ~ husband shot and killed his wife and her lover there when he came home and caught them. I didn't know this until after I'd heard the footsteps a few times and mentioned them to my roommate who owned the house. Nothing outside near the steps that I could find to cause it. The house was pier and beam though, so maybe settling. IMHO the "beats" were too regular to be just a house settling, but still the possibility is there.

I've had a couple other experiences that I can't explain. I'm not putting my hand on a bible and swearing they were ghosts, but so far I can't explain them in any way that makes more sense. Occam's razor and all that.

I am still not convinced it was a ghost though. Our mind is so powerful. It could have been my mind showing me a person. I find it all very interesting. I am not convinced that ghosts roam our earth but I can't prove they don't either
My thoughts exactly. But it sure is fun to think that they might be real. :icon_cool :red_mouth
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My wife watches all the episodes. I hate watching it. I hate how people believe there are bad spirits, I would never think that a spirit would be out to hurt anyone.
Just wanted to add something. While it's good to hope that spirits are never out to hurt anyone, I disagree. I believe, like people, there are good and bad ones. My wife has actually experienced things before though, unlike myself. She claims (and I've heard other people say this as well), if the spirit is a shadow or dark, it's not a good thing. When people see a white figure, it's a friendly spirit just paying a visit or warning about something...or maybe just trying to resolve unfinished business. That's what I believe anyway.

Edit: Campcreektexas -- We watched the Halloween episode for maybe 30-60 minutes, but just got bored with it. We watched the one last year for maybe a couple hours. When it's unedited like that and 6 hrs long, you may only see or hear something a couple times. If you missed it, they don't go back to show you again like in the real show. I'm just going to wait until this week (I think), where they'll probably show a condensed, edited version.

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