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Any biotope experts out there ???

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Basically, im thinking about seting a columbian biotope with columbian tetras and corydoras. The tank will be a 2 1/2 ft 90l tank but i dont have a clue what plants i can but in there or what a columbian tetra biotope is so any help will be appreciated
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yeah that website has lots of info but i cant find what biotope columbian tetras come from
Since Columbian tetras are found in blackwater rivers and streams, you won't have to worry about picking out root plants for a biotope tank -- sand substrate with some leaf litter and driftwood would be all you need, you could add some floating plants such as Salvinia minima if you want some green.
ok, so should i use peat filteration and is there any of the Loricariidae family or corydoras i colud keep with them
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