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Based on research it looks like my tap water has a hardness of 130ppm and about 150ppm total dissolved solids. My upcoming 112G tank will have a continual water change system where I'll change about 100G of water per month (due to mixing of new and old water this should be about a 50% water change every month).

I'm hoping to keep a collection of different species of non interbreeding shrimp. Once the shrimp colony is well established and there are lots of hiding places from lush plant growth for the shrimp, I'm hoping to try my hand at German Blue Rams (I know they'll eat some of the babies). I've failed with them in the past but I was also working with a way harder water supply.

I'm wondering though if my current water situation would be suitable for my plans or if I would benefit from maybe setting up an RO unit and using half RO and half tap water for the continual automatic water changes.

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