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This weekend I finally put water in my tank and planted it. It's a 29 gallon and I planted 15 plants, root tabs and a cap of flourish. I have the temp at 74'ish and after 2 days it's cleared up beautifully and nothing has died "yet".
I just have some quick questions if anyone can help.
-Should I change water at all???
-What readings should I have with the water before i introduce fish?
-can my fugeray planted plus led sit "Right on the Glass top"?
-Is 8 hours a day good lighting or should i go to 10?
-other than flourish should I add anything else?

I just want to make sure i get started on the right foot....
Everything I read is conflicting.... thanks.

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You need to read up on the aquarium "cycle" before you get fish.
As far as the tank/plants, what did you plant them in ?
Did the light not come/w legs ?
Do you have a liquid test kit for the water ?(like API Master Kit) sells
for less than you would pay for it in the store if you get it on sale at
Petsmountain. The kit plus the shipping is less than what you would pay in a store if it's on sale there.
No reason to change water yet.
Unless you want algae showing up, you might keep it down to 7 or 6.5
hrs a day till the plants start getting larger. Walmart sells timers for $7 up.
You can use a split light if you want it on when you get up and come home from work. As long as the room has a window without a curtain the fish
don't need it. So you can use it for 2-3 hrs in A.M. and skip a couple of hrs and then on again for when you get home. Total not more than 7 hrs
if I just started one. Both of my tanks get only 7.5 hrs each day.
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