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any advice for my new 45 Gal Tank/

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Just joined the site. I've had tanks before but never a planted one. I posted some pics of the tank it's only 4 weeks young! Let me know what you think. Here is some details on my setup.
Tank: 45Gal
Filters: Fluval 305 and HOB Aqua Clear 70
Lighting: JBJ 36" dual Compact Flourecent 10K and 65K bulbs
Substrate: Mix of Flourite and Grave
Co2: nutrafin natural co2 system
Heater: Fluval E series 200 watts

I would like some advice on lighting, my fixture allows me to run one or both bulbs at a time. I'm running the 10K ten hours and the 65k eight hours? Also would my tank be a low, meidium or high light setup?
My PH is 7.4 is this to high?
Any comments or suggestions would be great!!!
I have some pics in my ablum to view.

Thanks Brian


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nice one

it will grow nice and after the second trim will look great!
Thanks! Any advice on lighting, Co2, or Ph ? Still trying to figure it all out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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