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Anubius Nana Flowers?

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Hey guys, I have some anubius Nana in a small 5g Fluval Chi and it recently started shooting up a stem with a pod that has started to open and flower. Is this a normal usual thing? None of you peps have had this happen to there nana's. Also, does anyone know if it reaches the surface or does it stay submerged? Thanks.

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Yes they do that. Mine stayed submerged. It stayed really beautiful for a couple of days, then closed up. Enjoy it while it lasts!
Your betta seem to like it.
Dang, I was hopeing it stayed for a while. It's really nice. That Betta's a pimp! He's never scared! Lol
my anubia sprouted something that looks like a corn! :)
One of mine also sprouted a flower sometime in the last week. Thought I was seeing things!
my anubia sprouted something that looks like a corn! :)
Hahaa, that's exactly what my kids say! it does look like a little tiny corn on the cob!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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