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Just curious what you guys think. I got an Anubis plant from my lfs a couple weeks ago and it doesn't seem to be doing well. It's tied to a piece of dw. Everything else in my tank, dwarf sword, wisteria, java fern, micro chainsword, hygro are doing fine. Great even. The Anubis seems to be loosing color and the stems near the leaf look like they are deteriorating. Also green spots on leaves.

It's in a 55g low tech tank. 48" sat plus light. Dose excel daily flourish iron daily, and flourish comp every second or third day. The only off parameter I have is really hard water. Ph in 8's and kh way up.

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Anubais are very slow growers. If there are any damaged leaves, remove them and allow for new growth. It takes awhile for them to establish themselves to rock or driftwood. They are very hardy plants and don't need much in the way of strong lighting and lots of ferts. They may be getting too much of one or the other. When dosing excel, I generally add to water in a separate container first before adding to tank, helps keeps the leaves from melting. If you're dosing daily, that could be part of the problem.

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