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Anubis Nana question

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how do you get it to multiply into different sections? do you have to cut it or will it do it on its own?
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Anubias grow from the uncut end of their rhizome. If you want to propagate them cut the rhizome into 1/2 inch pieces and they should grow out.
Yes, it's not anubias nana but this shows good progress when doing what Tuffgong said.

AquaLand Pets Plus said:
How long does it take to grow out from that sort of trimming?
I followed what AqualandPlus did to their anubias. I'm guessing it would take months or half a year to get some good bushing back.

So far, mine's 2 weeks in and just starting to grow tiny stalks where the leaves will come out. Also it already has 2 baby leaves. Most of the rhizomes looks good and healthy but a couple of the rhizome cutouts seems to be melting/mushing up on me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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