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Hi Guys.. Its my first post here... I am having a 9G nano with white inert gravel as substrate. I dose PMDD macros and CSM-B for the micros twice in a week. Water changes are once in a week. I put the ferts at night and Azoo carbon plus in the mornings. Am using a 18 Watts Osram PL for about 8 hours daily.
I have a couple of Anubias nana petites which I have tied to some driftwood.. The growth seems to be fast enough but the new leaves are crooked and malformed. The older leaves are rippled too and have brown spots and edges. Can anyone help me find what deficiency could be causing this?
The other plants I have are Water wisteria, some Ambulia, java fern, Marsilia hirsuta, etc. Even the Water Wisteria's leaves are turning brown or melting.
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