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Anubias Supposed to Look Like This?

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I'm not sure if the leaves on my Anubias Nana are supposed to look like this. They seem a bit mottled. No sure if this is normal. Please see pics.

The plants aren't in direct light since they are somewhat shaded by my Tiger Lotus.

I dose flourish comp. and excel as well as NPK.
My lights are 2x 54W T5 HO over 55g.


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its fairly normal as far as I know. I have several nanas that have this mottled pattern. they are in a super low light tank with some crypts and several other species of Anubis. all are super healthy, so im assuming that this is normal for nanas.
That is not anubias nana, but a crypt.

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So its Cryptocoryne Pontederiifolia? Dude at the store was sellin them as "Nanas Petite." Won't be buying from him again :angryfire

Thanks for clearing that up anyway. At least now I know why these look different from my legit Anubias lol
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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