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Ecology of the Planted Aquarium by Diana L. Walstad $18

Your choice of shipping:
USPS Media Mail (about 7 days) $3 (I make about 33 cents in shipping profits lol)
USPS Priority mail (2-3 days) $9. (because the book is 1.26lbs, and USPS rounds up. )
Condition: Used, has some cover scratches but good condition.
Not my website, but it describes the book well.
It's for people who would like to maintain a "Natural Planted Tank" One of the plus of this method is that water changes aren't necessary.
Here is a forum on Natural Tanks

Package $9 shipped
Handful of guppy grass (handful means about a fistfull, these plants grow fast)
Handful of hornwort
A goftball of mixed assorted moss (they have grown mixed in, too hard to separate them)
Riccia flutians, free floating, may have some duckweed.

Anubias petite $5 each will have at least 5 leaves. (I have 4 portions
available). Shipping for anubias petite is $5 via USPS priority mail for any size order. You can combine anubias

with the plant package.

Please keep your local weather in mind. Currently I don't have heat packs.
Any form of paypal is okay.

My feedback:
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