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Buy multiple items to get extra discounts, the more you buy the more you save!
Have any questions? Feel free to ask ^^

24 stems water sprite various lengths, wysisyg $12 shipped
View attachment 554097

Shipping is $7 for small flat rate box usps. Can combine shipping with other items. $30
View attachment 550345

View attachment 550385

View attachment 550369

View attachment 550377

View attachment 550393

View attachment 550353

View attachment 550361

I have a soilless grindal worm starter culture, its pest free and doing well. Only 1 available can be bought as just culture or full kit.

Starter culture only: $10 shipped
grindal worms on 1 scouring pad

Full starter kit included: $14 shipped
plastic storage container
lid with covered venting to keep pests out
3 scouring pads
2 weeks worth of starter food
grindal worms

Photos provided upon request via PM

All driftwood ships for $13, WYSIWYG great for attaching the above anubias to ^.~

Nano manzanita driftwood set, great for pico shrimp tanks! $10

View attachment 550401

2 Manzanita branches $5 each, $8 for both
View attachment 550425 View attachment 550441

Ghost wood $7
View attachment 550409

blue square=1"x1"

Shipping costs varies (some can ship via padded envelope, others need a box), let me know what you want and your zip to get shipping calculated.

TDS EZ meter by HM digital $8

NO Planaria 50 gram bag. Shrimp, fish, and plant safe way to kill off planaria in the tank. Less that 1 gram used, still has desiccate packet and measuring spoon. $8

API pH Test and Adjuster kit, unused $4

Worm cone feeder (used) $2.50

Diamond tip drill bit + bulkhead kit for sump (for aquarium, vivarium, or paludarium) (unused) $19 (ask me about other items for sump plumbing)

Photos provided upon request via PM
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