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Anubias "petite" falling apart.

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So I had Anubias "petite" (two peices actually) in a small 4g tank with decent flow, the lighting I cannot find the specs for (Aqueon 4 Evolve). The plant was not doing well, so I moved it to a 10g tank with 15watts of 6700k, and considerably less flow.

However, the plant is still degrading. I do not dose. In both cases, the plant has it's roots (rhizome?) pushed into a crevice in the wood. Can this affect the health of the plant? I can attach using thread, no problems.

Can I float this plant for a while, and will this help?

To be honest, I've kept plants that have been regarded as much more difficult only to find my Anubias always looking patchy!

Thanks in advance
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Every petite nana I've ordered (as opposed to buying from local hobbyist) has gone thru a significant melt down upon receipt. They look great out of the bag, then leaves turn to mush, roots die off, longer rhizomes break apart--incredibly distressing on my first order--now it's just par for the course.

On the upside, I've never had a plant not bounce back from the meltdown and once established again, these guys can push out amazing growth rates even without high light/c02.
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