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Anubias only in chichlid tank - what to dose?

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What should I dose in my tank, which has only anubias pinched in the rocks and tied to the wood?
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I don't dose anything, they all do just fine and although growth is slow it is steady
I buffer my cichlid water and the plants get plenty of nutrients from that
ya you probably dont need to dose any ferts. fish waste would probably be enough for a few anubias. are they showing deficiencies?
If you want to get bold and try some other plants, I find several ways to go about it. Swords do well for me. One way is to put them in small bathroom cups and put them up off the floor like on the back side of rock piles. I feed them pellet ferts and find the Africans I keep leave them alone.
Java fern have worked well for me to in my cichlid tank , can also place in a clay pot
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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