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Reducing the number of tanks I'm keeping ans selling my smaller leaf sized anubias collection. I've had these for 3 + years so there's no issue with rhizome rot like you get from sellers who are imported from Asia.
Asking $60 shipped payment via Paypal, USPS 2 day priority shipping, , shipping in Continental US only sorry. Please mind your weather- I ship Monday-Thursday for Wednesday-Saturday delivery.

Collection includes several anubias micro-the tiniest leafed anubias out there. There are also several what was sold to me as petite anubias but because they grow very vertically i suspect they may be bonsia- a few are true petite growing more horizontally. And lastly 1 anubias golden.

If you'd like more photos just ask

size differnce micro
View attachment 835681
size differnce petite/bonsia
View attachment 835697

More micro:
View attachment 835689

More petite/bonsia: 2 handfulls
View attachment 835665 View attachment 835713

View attachment 835673

Use to have this in my 6g bowfront before my betta passed on from old age.
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