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This tank has been through many changes but I wanted to keep it simple this time with not too much maintenance and no ferts.

Tank Specs:
Tank: ADA 60p
Stand: Ikea Besta
Filter: Eheim 2215, Eheim Skim350, Hagen Mini Elite (For agitation and flow)
Light: 24" Ecoxotic E-Series controlled by AnotherHobby's Ardino
CO2: Aquatek PB Mini @ 1 BPS
Diffuser: Rex Grigg Reactor
Substrate: Petco White Sand

Anubias nana 'Petite"
Java Fern

1 x German Blue Ram
4 x Harlequin Rasbora
8 x White Cloud Minnow
3 x Pygmy Cories


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Nice set up love the long roots.
Btw pygmy cory are shoaling fish and should be in a group of 6 minimum, get 3 or more to add to your group, they'll be much happier ^^
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