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anubias in habitat

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anyone have or know any website that have photos of anubias in it's habitat in africa?

some say that it grows in the riverbed, but others say that it grows under the shades of huge trees in thick forests.
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Heres a link to a site with alot of biotope aquarium specs I was clicking around on. I havent spent enough time there yet to know for sure all the info they provide, but its good reading if nothing else.
that's the link that caused me wanting more infos / photos about this plant in their habitat :)
Not sure of where you can find pics but from what I read somewhere on this site they grow on the sides of water fall where they get water enough to not dry out.​
I kinda agree with James. I have heard they grow along the river where its wet but no too wet and ther is cover from other larger flora.
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